Sunday, 16 September 2007

Continuing to impress

The Sussex Police Dream Machines Lotus has been flying the county's flag in some rather far-off places of late! In fact the car has just returned from some missionary work in Llanelli in South Wales where it was the star attraction at a Road Safety Display targeting young drivers.

The car has also been in Brighton over the last couple of weeks on Marine Parade and, in partiulcar. at the Brighton Festival of Speed.

Last week it joined once again with the Fire Brigade for an event in Brighton, where a group of youths from the Whitehawk estate in Brighton were presented with certificates of achievemnt in relation to motorcycle projects. This weekend the car has been at the Shoreham Airshow.

Next week our very special Lotus Exige sets off for another out of county appearance. This one really is is rather special though as the Exige will be returning to the Lotus factory in Norfolk to show off it's livery.

But the car isn't just booked for special apprances - in fact, keep your eyes peeled this week because you never know where it will turn up! The car will be driving through many different locations in the county - so if you do see the car, make sure you say 'hello'!

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